The Collection

Burgh House is an accredited museum which contains a fascinating collection of objects, artworks, documents, textiles and furniture relating to the history of the house, the local area and its extraordinary residents. The collection was created by Christopher and Diana Wade in 1979, when Burgh House was saved by the public. Since then, we have acquired almost 5000 objects, thanks to many generous donations from the public, local institutions and artists.

You can see part of our collection on display in the Library and on the First Floor of the House where you will find displays charting the development of Hampstead. Highlights from the collection include the charming High Hill Penguin; a feature of the High Hill bookshop on Hampstead High Street, modernist Isokon furniture, documents and original works of art by Victorian watercolourist Helen Allingham, and our collection of 20th century paintings.

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In this section, you can browse our collection by object, artist or theme. Objects are being digitised and photographed continually so please visit regularly!


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