Transition : Visual Enquiries

31 January to 11 February 2018
  • Level access to Peggy Jay Gallery available via street entrance

Transition : visual enquiries


Featuring Fields of the World : Judit Prieto


Ten Thousand Leaves : Rosy Coleman


The Exhibition showcases prints and ceramic objects by Judit Prieto and Rosy Coleman 

Leading on from objects in transition at Burgh House, here is an interpretation of our personal transition vis a vis countries and objects. 

Judit's prints are inspired by looking at the fields of the earth deeply and widely in all continents. She has interpreted each continent and depending on  how she relates to them she has expressed her feelings in colour and texture. 

Rosy ,s interest in the transience and  survival of cultural imagination, dating from her own experience of ancient artefacts in Iraq, was further excited by the story of Ten Thousand Leaves , an important collection of poetry  (C 4-7th )revealed to her by a Japanese interviewee .The prints  and ceramics are of transition , fragility and endurance.