Not the Whole Story

Jackie Naffah

6 to 10 December 2017
  • Peggy Jay Gallery

Not the Whole Story - Jackie Naffah


When we view a non-narrative painting it is possible to do so by considering only the skill of the artist, or the aesthetic quality of the artwork. But it is human nature to ask ourselves more about the work. How did it come about, why did the painter choose that subject matter, and what does it tell us about them, or ourselves? While some paintings clearly give us a narrative, others yield their particular story in less obvious ways.

Jackie Naffah is an accomplished painter, interested in both the visual image and in the imagery evoked by words. She seeks not to illustrate, but to find the narrative in her pictures, which she then puts down in her deceptively simple stories, rendered with the same eye for detail that marks the visual work. While the paintings are intended as individual artworks that may be appreciated on their own merit, they can also be viewed in tandem with a written narrative created by the artist.

Curated with just a hint of the artist's narrative, thus allowing you to view the work unencumbered, the whole story is available to read should you wish, resulting in a unique and intriguing exhibition, which begs the question which comes first, the pictures or the words?