Lost landmarks

Old Hampstead Rediscovered 6

14 June to 3 September 2017
  • Christopher Wade Room
    (First Floor)

Lost Landmarks  

This, the sixth in a series of exhibitions by The Heath & Hampstead Society, held at Burgh House, draws on the extraordinary wealth of material collected and maintained over many years by Camden Local Studies and Archives Centre at Holborn. Through the centuries, Hampstead has grown and developed, partly due to increasing prosperity, and partly through improved travel, better housing and new facilities making the place less remote and more attractive to settle in.  Notable periods of development include the eighteenth-century Spa era and the Town Improvements of the late nineteenth century. All these have left their mark on Hampstead and its Heath.  Equally many in their turn have been swept away through decay, destruction, or because they have fallen out of favour or usefulness. In this exhibition, we focus on features that would have been an everyday sight to those living in or visiting Hampstead, but which are now lost to us except through the skills of those artists who recorded them at the time. 

Modern-day photographs accompany the paintings to illustrate the often-dramatic changes that have occurred to local street scenes and landscapes.