Diverse Portraits

21 to 25 March 2018
  • Peggy Jay Gallery

Diverse Portraits

Portraying the human face has been the vocation of artists from the beginning of art itself. Portraiture offers an intimate glimpse into the life of its subject, immortalising a moment in time. Court painters in the Early Modern period depicted the rich and powerful of their day, whilst Dutch Renaissance painters, such as Vermeer, turned their gaze towards the everyday, capturing the quiet humanity of ordinary lives. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, artists such as Modigliani moved away from realist depictions, finding inspiration in African art. Later the portrait itself became the subject of abstraction: Picasso’s portraits epitomising this style.

In this age of digital media, one might be surprised that contemporary artists are in as much demand as their predecessors to capture the likeness of their sitter, resulting in fresh and innovative ways to explore the genre.

This exhibition features a series of diverse works, produced across a range of mediums, with each artist bringing their own approach to their subject.

Featuring Jennifer Nieuwland, Kate Passingham, Sue Spaull, Anna Steinhouse and Jess de Zilva