'Appy 'Ampstead: Celebrating London's Playground

Celebrating London's Playground

1 November to 17 December 2017
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    Ground floor gallery

‘Appy ‘Ampstead:

Celebrating London’s Playground

Curated by Burgh House intern and Museum Studies student Emily Spary, this exhibition will focus on Hampstead Heath 120 years on from the creation of the Hampstead Heath Protection Society (now the Heath and Hampstead Society) who aimed to preserve the natural beauty and social spaces of the Heath. Thanks to efforts to keep it ‘open, unenclosed and unbuilt on’, the Heath has become central to recreation and relaxation in Hampstead. The development of the railways in the 1860s transformed Hampstead into a destination for holidaymakers, who flocked here in their growing numbers. From fairgrounds and donkey rides to ski jumps and skating, the charming pastimes of Hampstead’s residents and visitors will be explored through objects and artworks from our collection.