60 What? 60 Years

A Solo Exhibition by Robert Dearman

26 to 30 September 2018
  • Peggy Jay Gallery

At the age of 13 Robert entered a painting competition in his home town of Brighton. He had his first of many wins with BBC Radio Brighton and The Brighton Evening Argus, which he self-effacingly puts down to the concept that he was the only entrant. Whatever the reason, this began his life-long love of creating and appreciating art.

 At 15, much earlier than most students, Robert took his A-Level in Art achieving an A. Later, faced with the dilemma of which career path he should follow, he decided to combine his love of mathematics, science and art to become an Architect. Nonetheless, his love of painting endured alongside his architectural drawings and in his early 50s Robert started to attend painting classes with the intention of working towards the career he didn’t choose: that of the artist.

Attending courses at Heatherleys and Candid Arts, and later under the tutelage of esteemed artist Tim Wright, Robert produced a body of work that laid the foundations for a second career just as he reached his 60th year.

This exhibition is the culmination of Robert’s artistic production thus far and is intended to display the place that art has played in his life and reveal his incredulity at now being 60 years of age, as well as illustrating the career he now aspires to - for as long as his paints and canvasses last out.