WKMT London Music Festival

31 January 2016
  • 17:00 - 22:00
  • 5pm
    Tickets: http://www.piano-composer-teacher-london.co.uk/#!wkmt-london-music-festival-29112015/cvvf

One more time we invite you to join us and share our traditional Music Festival at Burgh House. It is amazing to see our event growing and consolidating as our classic festivity…

The results of all the effort made by our students during the term, plus the participation of the teaching team together with the most amazing guests, honour this event turning it into the ultimate expression of our love for music. Come and join us at Burgh House for our WKMT London Music Festival 3rd edition!  


Student Assesment

Three highly qualified members of our team will be assessing each individual in order to produce a comprehensive performance report. Expression, technical level and stage performance will constitute the three main pillars of this written feedback which main purpose is to serve as a proper reference for any academic institution offering vacancies or music scholarships. The fact that it is accompanied by a professional audio and video recording turns this material into the most consistent, objective and reliable assessment provided to any student in London


Event Program

The reception: where we will be received by Charo Siburu, our specialised historian, who will comment about the house and its sorroundings. 

The festival: Three blocks of music from beginners to advance students in the first two and the teachers concert at the end  

A cocktail: will be a time for relaxing after the concert and an excellent opportunity for sharing opinions about the experience and getting some feedback


Everyone will be provided with a professional HQ audio and video recording of the full concert to share the experience with friends or to re-experience it in the comfort of your own house.


Performance opportunity

Time is a commodity that does not come cheap these days, and when our students invest their time in practicing, we would love to reward them for all the effort they have made by giving them the opportunity to showcase their achievements and results of their hard work in the form of giving a live performance. They will have the chance to invite their friends and family and will be able to show them their achievements while also getting inspired and motivated by the performance of their fellow students.


Burgh House – Our tradition venue...

We believe that providing the right environment can result in an outstanding and memorable experience for both: participants and audience. 

The best possible instrument: a well regulated Bluthner Grand

A comfortable music room

A historically relevant GRADE 1 listed building that provides the perfect setting for the music performed during the music soiree.

Burgh House will be the place of choice for this occasion. During the evening we will have access to all the premises including private exhibitions, refreshment bar and historical rooms. 


Professional Recordings

Our studio specializes in producing professional Grand Piano Recordings for concert pianist and session artists. On this occasion we will fusion both of our branches into one single event so our students can enjoy the real benefits of studying within a well-equipped studio. The audio and video recording will be provided on a DVD handed along with the report.


Closing - Professional recital

The program will be building itself up in the technical difficulty level throughout, with WKMT teachers concluding the evening with their own performances. This will be the festival’s finale and you can get inspired and motivated by your tutors' performances. 


See our website for more details.