The Family Matters Show

21 May 2015
  • 19:30
  • Tickets £8

'Family Matters' is a unique showcase of extraordinary true tales written and performed by four of London's best-loved poet/writers. Based on astonishing real-life stories drawn from their own families, Agnes Meadows, Patricia Foster, Linda Shanovitch and Janett Plummer take us on a heart-stopping rollercoaster ride of specially written family stories crossing centuries and continents - you literally couldn't make them up!

Brought together for the first time, the 'Family Matters' show illuminates the ways in which we are all connected and how each of us has a fascinating story to tell. Directed by award-winning playwright/director Claire Booker, the 'Family Matters' show is a totally unmissable night!

Tickets are £8 and are available here. For further details on the 'Family Matters' show, contact Agnes Meadows at