Needle Felting Workshop with Sue Pearl

20 May 2016
  • 10:00 - 16:00
  • Friday 20 May 2016

    10am to 4pm

    Cost £90 to include all materials

    To book please email:

What Is Needle Felting?

Needle felting is a dry form of feltmaking. Using a special felting needle which has barbs along its length, the wool is punched to ‘knit’ the fibres together and creates a very firm finish.


This is sculpting with wool. The animals are not stuffed or sewn and are all unique and original in design. Starting with a sketch of the animal in various poses the body is created.


How Will The Course Work?

You will be shown how to produce different effects with a variety of felting needles as well as the best techniques to use.


We will explore how to make a four legged 3-D animal, and also how to create different poses and expressions to bring out the animal’s personality.


You will be shown how to blend the colours of the wool and how to create special effects using the wool as a palate.



I have been a felt maker since 1996 taking my art into schools all around the country as well as running adult workshops, working with special needs and team building.


I make felt scarves, hats, bags, slippers and my famous sculptured felt creatures. I also make cashmere felt for sumptuous fashion items and have worked internationally, running workshops in New York at the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum, giving presentations and workshops at Felt Symposiums in Israel, giving felt workshops and talks in Melbourne Australia and have been teaching feltmaking to North American Indians in Canada.


My sculpted animals are needle-felted from wool. They came about after I found a mouse in my kitchen, the mouse was caught and disposed of humanely (taken to the local park!) but he stayed in my head and I found myself making mice, rabbits, rats, otters, sheep, badgers and moles, in fact any creature that we would find in the countryside. I love my animals to have a bit of humour about them so they need to be dressed in the appropriate outfits.