Hampstead Arts Festival WORDS Weekend Day 1

12 November 2016
  • 11:30

Hampstead Arts Festival WORDS Weekend: Day 1 

Jonny Benjamin & Neil Laybourn talk to Arundhuti Dutta-Roy

Saturday, 12th November 11.30 am


Suicide Prevention & Mental Health – Let’s Talk!

Jonny Benjamin & Neil Laybourn discuss the Finding Mike Campaign with Arundhuti Dutta-Roy.

Jonny Benjamin is an award-winning mental health campaigner, film producer, public speaker, writer and vlogger. 
At the age of 20 he was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, a combination of schizophrenia and bipolar, and later began making films on YouTube about the condition that have been watched by hundreds of thousands of people.
Jonny now speaks publicly about living with mental illness and has written articles and given various interviews on TV, Radio and in print around the world to help educate and break stigma. He has also produced and presented documentaries on BBC Three and Channel 4 on the subjects of mental health and suicide.

Neil Laybourn has been a fitness coach and personal trainer since 2007, passionately working to improve the lives and wellbeing of his clients largely based within London. Neil was part of the globally reaching digital campaign #findmike in 2014, coming forward as the passerby who intervened during a suicide attempt by Jonny Benjamin, six years previously during 2008. After the 2 men were reunited for the first time in 6 years by the power of social media, and deeply affected by his experience, Neil has gone onto join the charity Rethink Mental Illness as an ambassador, helping raise awareness around suicide and de-stigmatisation of the perception of Mental health through media coverage, corporate speaking events and collaborative ventures also highlighting the link between physical health and improved mental health. 

Arundhuti Dutta-Roy is a Strategic Intervention Coach, Teacher, Consultant and Chartered Accountant.  She is passionate about helping people, in particular those suffering from mental health issues and has been a regular public speaker for raising awareness.  Her consultancy ‘Positive Power Potential’ is built around the ethos of educating others in leading a happier and more empowered life.