Ensemble Émigré for Insiders/Outsiders Festival

23 November 2017
  • 18:30

Ensemble Émigré for Insiders/Outsiders Festival 

You are cordially invited to a special fundraising concert fot the Insiders / Outsiders festival. 

Ensemble Émigré (founded by Norbert Meyn in 2016) is a professional ensemble dedicated to vocal and instrumental chamber music. It aims to bring music by composers who have emigrated, like those who had to leave Germany and Austria in the 1930's and 40's, to a wider audience. Closely connected to world class research at the Royal College of Music and other partner organisations like the International Centre for Suppressed Music, the ensemble develops engaging and innovative programmes.

Norbert Meyn (tenor), Eunsley Park (violin) and Lucy Colquhoun (piano) will perform vocal and instrumental music by Peter Gellhorn, Roberto Gerhard, Hans Gál, Mátyás Seiber and Joseph Horovitz, as well as Franz Schubert and Johannes Brahms. 


More about Insiders / Outsiders

Refugees from Nazi Europe and their Contribution to British Culture

A nationwide festival is being planned to pay tribute to the indelible contribution of the artists, photographers, writers, architects, designers, actors, film-makers, dancers and musicians (not to mention art historians, dealers and publishers) who in fleeing Nazi-dominated Europe in the 1930s so greatly enriched the culture of this country. Scheduled for 2019, it will comprise a dazzling array of exhibitions, concerts, performances, film screenings, walks, lectures and other educational events.

Embracing not only those who came from Germany and Austria, but also those from other European countries, notably Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary, as well as Holocaust survivors who came to England after 1945 and members of the so-called Second (and even Third) Generations, its primary  focus will be on the arts. However, projects relating to the émigrés’ remarkable contribution to other fields, such as science, philosophy and psychoanalysis, will also be included.

While in no way underplaying their experience of loss, dispossession and displacement, or the difficulties they encountered on arrival in Britain, the general tenor of the festival will be affirmative and celebratory. With the plight of refugees and the rise of right-wing politics and racism being once again pressing and topical issues, 2019, as the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War, will be the ideal moment to take stock of Britain’s debt to an earlier generation who found refuge on these shores, and also to pay tribute to those British-born individuals who, in welcoming and working with the émigrés, chose openness and internationalism over provincialism and xenophobia…

The aim of this ambitious project, initiated by art historian Monica Bohm-Duchen (with the support of Burgh House & Hampstead Museum), is to enlist the support and collaboration of as many individuals, organizations and venues as possible across the country to create a festival that will not only do full justice to the creative achievements of these emigrés but also demonstrate the contemporary relevance of their experiences.


For further information, please contact monica.bohmduchen@btinternet.com.