Birds and People - Nigel Collar

20 September 2017
  • 19:00
  • Doors 6:30pm

    Entry Price: £2 (Free for under 18s & students)

Birds and People

Eggs for breakfast, turkey salad for lunch, coq au vin for supper, everyday speech (from lame-duck president to cloud-cuckoo- land), logos expressing speed and strength, national treasures displayed on your banknotes, feathers that keep us warm at night—our use of birds sits at the root of our lives, and we can parse it into three broad categories: (1) association and inspiration, (2) semi sustainable services, and (3) intolerable exploitation. This talk covers all three, starting in giddy good spirits and ending somewhere rather different.”


About Speaker - Dr. Nigel Collar is a Leventis Fellow in conservation biology with BirdLife International, where he has previously worked as the Director of Science, Director of Development, Chairman of the ICBP Bustard Group and the compiler of the International Bird Red Data Book. His current work involves studying threatened birds and habitats through fieldwork and the support of graduate students.