Bach to Baby

4 March 2015
  • 10:30 - 11:30

The critically acclaimed concert series was set up by mum and pianist Miaomiao Yu, after she became frustrated at not being able to take her children to the sort of quality classical music concerts that she regularly enjoyed. Miaomiao, an award-winning pianist, wanted to perform for her son in a concert setting, but found it unrealistic for many reasons, including the late nights, and so decided to create a concert series that could be performed at a child-friendly time of day.

'I didn't want to dumb it down for children. Studies show the positive effects of classical music and children are like little sponges at this stage. Why shouldn’t they be allowed to experience the same high calibre performances as that enjoyed by adults in the best concert halls of the world?'

Bach to Baby returns to Burgh House this Winter. Come along with your babies and toddlers to hear exhilarating performances by some outstanding musicians.

Please visit the Bach to Baby website for more information and to book.