Duncan Grant (1885 - 1978)

Born in Inverness-shire in 1885, Duncan Grant was a prolific painter and member of the Bloomsbury Group. Grant spent much of his childhood in India; but in 1893, he returned to Britain and, in 1902, enrolled in the Westminster School of Art in London. After travelling and studying in Italy and France, he returned to London once more to study at the Slade School of Art in 1906-07. 

In 1913, fellow Bloomsbury Group artist Roger Fry founded the Omega Workshops. Grant and Venessa Bell were brought on as directors, but they also helped to design many of the furniture, ceramic and textile products the company produced. The Omega Workshops closed in 1919.

in 1916, Grant moved to Charleston in Sussex with Bell, and they had a daughter together two years later. 

Grant was a member of a number of different artist groups, including the Camden Town Group, the Grafton Group and the London Group. He exhibited his work widely up until his death in 1978.

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1 Object by Duncan Grant