Dorothy Bohm (1924 - )

'I never set out with a plan when I take pictures. I know intuitively what I am waiting for. I hope for the special moment, the right space and form, the wind, light and clouds and I wait for the indications of the human.'

– Dorothy Bohm

Born in 1924, Dorothy Bohm moved to England from Nazi-threatened Lithuania in 1939, aged just fourteen. Encouraged by a cousin of her father’s, she spent the next few years studying photography and, at the age of twenty-one, she opened her own portrait studio in Manchester. During the 1950s and 1960s, Bohm travelled extensively throughout Europe, North America and Mexico, capturing the scenes, people and landscapes in black and white.

In 1956, Bohm, and her scientist husband Louis Bohm, moved to Hampstead, where they have lived ever since. In 1981, she co-published a book of her black and white photography of Hampstead with Ian Norrie (the owner of the High Hill Bookshop on Hampstead High Street, which has since closed down). Soon after, Bohm moved exclusively to colour.

49 Objects by Dorothy Bohm