Museum Collections

The Hampstead Museum holds over 3,000 objects. Most of these relate to social history, fine art, and notable former residents of Hampstead.

Highlights of the fine art collection include work by the internationally known C.R.W. Nevinson, Fred Uhlman, Donald Towner, and Duncan Grant. Talented local artists including Sidney Arrobus, Mari I´anson, Betty Greenhalf, P.F. Naylor and Gillian Lawson are also well represented. We additionally hold the Patrick Allingham Bequest, which consists of the largest archive and collection of Helen Allingham material in the world.

Our social history collection includes many gems such as the Mayoral throne of the former Borough Council of Hampstead and the so-called ´High Hill Penguin’, commissioned by the publishing house in 1960 and signed by famous local authors at the High Hill Bookshop on the High Street.

To view some of our collection on-line check out Exploring 20th Century London. This is an external website partnership led by the Museum of London. Click on Advanced Search in the top right corner and select Hampstead Museum in the Museum section to see objects from our collection.

In autumn 2008 the museum hosted sculptor-in-residence Robert Bryce Muir through funding from the Ernest Cook Trust, Camden Council, and London Museums Hub. Watch a video about this project below!

The museum also has a small oral history collection. In 2009 people who have been involved with Burgh House Trust were interviewed about their activities, careers and involvement in the Trust. In 2006 local residents were interviewed about their experiences during World War II. Listen to some excerpts by clicking the links below. These will play as mp3 files in your browser.


Please note that we are an independent museum and do not hold parish, borough council or genealogical records. Go to Enquiries if you are interested in donating any artefacts to the Museum, or if you have any research or historical questions.