Chinese New Year

Every year we celebrate Chinese New Year as part of our cultural programme to celebrate our diverse community and bring families together. We collaborate with a number of local organisations and schools including Sishu School and Christ Church School who create a fantastic new art installation each year, which you can enjoy at Burgh House from January-February. Keep an eye on our What's On page for the latest information.  

Retracing Ribeiro (2017)

Following our Retracing Ribeiro exhibition (2016), which explored the life and work of the Indian Expressionist painter Lancelot Ribeiro (1933-2010), we worked with Henderson Court Day Centre to create a programme for their residents to learn more about the Hampstead-based artist and his work. They worked hands-on with objects from our photographic collection and shared their stories from the 1950s, when Ribeiro lived in the local area.