Burgh House Taken Over by New End School Students!

1 December 2014

What is Takeover Day?

Each year, charity Kids in Museums organises Takeover Day, a brilliant opportunity for museums to encourage families, children and young people to get involved in the way they work. You can read more about Kids in Museums on their website.

What happened at Burgh House?

Just over a week ago, two year 6 classes from New End Primary School visited Burgh House and learned about the importance of memories to museums. The classes interviewed long term residents of Hampstead Gordon Greener and Tony Ghilchik, who told them about how the area had changed over the years. Each class then recorded their own mini oral histories based on their experiences of Hampstead and going to school in the local area. Before they left the children also conducted their own reminiscence sessions, handling real museum objects wearing gloves, and telling each other what the objects helped them to remember. 

WOW! What will happen next? 

The oral histories will be available to hear and read in the museum early next year and will form part of the museum collection. An online exhibition is being developed on the classes' responses to the reminiscence objects, which will also be live in the New Year. Year 6 will be invited to a launch party to celebrate their brilliant achievements, and contribution to the Burgh House collection! 

More information on Takeover Day 2014 at Burgh House will be published in early 2015, but in the meantime we would like to say a really big thank you to education volunteer Louise Eccles and Operations and Events Manager Andrew Hunt who helped each class take over, and of course to year 6 at New End School for all their hard work!