How to make a Christmas card using old ribbons!

11 December 2020

Christmas is going to be a strange one this year, with more separation than we’re used to. So, to show your loved ones that you are thinking about them, perhaps this is the year to take up card-making!

These Christmas cards are simple but stunning, and can be modified according to the materials you already have in the house and level of difficulty you fancy.


What you need:


  • Card (I have used brown card, but any colour will do!)
  • Pencil
  • Something circular of approximately 7cm diameter (I have used a glass cup)
  • PVA glue
  • Sharp scissors
  • Assorted ribbons
  • Pens (silver or gold pens make it extra Christmassy!)
  • Rubber


  • Glitter
  • Coloured string
  • Small beads
  • Thin strips of coloured paper


Instructions for the Bauble card:

  1. Start by making sure you have a clear workspace with only your craft supplies on the table – we want this to be a calming, enjoyable, and stress-free activity! We also recommend (insist upon, actually) listening to Christmas tunes to get you in the festive mood.
  2. Once you’re set up, take your card and cut it down to the size you would like. If you have A4 card, we recommend that you cut it in half, so that when you fold your card in half, you’re left with an A6 size card – this makes your card go further and is the perfect size for posting to loved ones.
  3. Fold your card in half.
  4. Find a cup or round object that is approximately 7cm in diameter. Place this in the centre of your card and lightly draw around it with a pencil. This will act as a guide for the shape of your bauble. (If you are making a Christmas tree, draw out an isosceles triangle of approximately 10cm height and 7cm base for your guide).
  5. Choose a colour scheme for your bauble and start cutting your ribbons to different lengths to fit inside the circle you have drawn out.
    1. Helpful hint: when you are cutting out the ribbons, make sure the ends are cut to the correct angle to fit the bauble i.e. ribbons near the top and bottom of the bauble will need to be cut at an angle to fit in the circle shape.
    2. Start gluing down the ribbons using the PVA glue.
    3. In between the ribbons, use your coloured pens to draw out different horizontal lines and patterns to fill the space.
      1. In my examples, I have also used coloured string, glitter, beads and coloured paper for additional lines.
      2. For the glitter, carefully create a thin line of PVA glue inside the circle then gently sprinkle glitter over it. Once the glue is covered in glitter, shake off the excess onto another piece of card and return the glitter to its original container. Leave it to set overnight.
      3. For the beads, similarly create a thin line of PVA glue, then gently place the beads adjacently along the line of glue. Leave it to set overnight.
      4. For the string, cut it to the correct length. Then, again, create a thin line of PVA glue, then gently press the string onto the glue and leave it to set overnight.
      5. For the paper, cut out strips of varying thickness and lengths to fit the circle you traced out. Use the PVA glue to stick the paper down and leave it overnight to set.
      6. Once the circle is filled with lines of ribbon and whatever you were able to find around the house, take one of your coloured pens and draw a vertical line at the top of the bauble to imitate string.
      7. Use the same pen to write ‘Merry Christmas’ underneath the bauble in whatever style font you fancy!
      8. For the finishing touch, tie a ribbon into a bow and use your PVA glue to stick it to the top of the bauble. Leave it overnight to set.
      9. Once your PVA glue has set overnight, rub out any faint pencil lines that you can still see for the perfect finish!
      10. Finally, don’t forget to write a little note on the back saying ‘handmade by…’ – you want your friends and family to know that you have taken the time to make something beautiful from scratch with them in mind.


We would love to see what you come up with! Tag us in your creations @burghhouse1704.